119. Mission Control


Our host family in Houston had connections to get us a behind the scenes tour of Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center. The above picture is Arden in the Mission Control room from the 1969 lunar landing. It has been designated a Historical Landmark and nothing can be changed – can’t even replace the nicotine stained ceiling tiles. Our tour guide, Shawn, answered our many many questions and had great observations and tidbits to share with our family.


This is the current mission control for the Space Station. Our guide is in charge of setting up the hardware for the next generation Mission Control for the Orion space program. It was incredible to see the group in action for an event that is occurring in real time.


The space center had a display on Leonardo Da Vinci and has built many of his designs. It’s too bad that Arden is not taking physics because they were great object lessons in movement and energy transfer. During the presentation on how astronauts live in space Scarlet was selected to assist in demonstrating the adaptions of the space station for daily activities.


Our host family in Houston are John & LeAnn and their children Kaitlyn, Alex and Olivia. They attended church with us in Center Grove before they found another opportunity in Texas. Our children were so excited to see faces that were familiar to them rather than mom and dads old friends.  They get an extra big thank you since they had very little notice of our arrival. We had not planned to travel to Houston and only made the decision yesterday morning. The visit included laser tag, of course. You can keep up with John at his blog: john.hagmann@wordpress and parentsof.net


We’d like to believe that they got this sign out just for us

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