120. Day of Infamy

What better place to visit on the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor than a WWII battleship. The USS Texas was not just part of WWII but was also the Navy flagship during WWI. There was a remembrance ceremony aboard the ship and a number of participants and observers came despite weather in the 30’s. The ceremony included:

  • The December 8 broadcast by President Roosevelt
  • a tribute to Lewis Legesse, an attending survivor from Waco, Texas
  • The invincible Eagle band
  • Keynote by Harry Spiller, who has collected stories from Pearl Harbor survivors


It was special for the children to see the day remembered this way. The attendance of so many military and retired military members in uniform hopefully left some impression on them.


We toured the ship and were often stopped along the way by an older military serviceman who wanted to share their story. I think they wanted the kids to know that there was more to the ship than just the structure. They also don’t want their stories to be forgotten and the younger generation can carry on their memories.


Brody was very interested in getting as high up in the ship as possible. The girls stayed below where there was no wind – and warmer. Brody also enjoyed looking at the big guns and moving them around.


After a lunch at McDonalds (still trying to spend down the kids’ gift cards) we hooked up the car & RV, said goodbye to our host family and headed east.

2 responses to “120. Day of Infamy

  1. Well now the whole trip was worth it; you stood on the deck of a Battleship! This will be the highpoint of your lives. You can come get warm now!

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