121. STUDY by Scarlet Friend

Today I woke up to the smell of pancakes not the chocolate chip buttermilk kind but the one that costs $00.50. It was my turn to build the Lego set from the advent box. I successfully built a brown ship. After a long morning we drove to church getting lost a total of one time. At church we listened to the cantata (which was amazing). After church we drove back to the RV park and studied. For lunch Mom made grilled cheese. After I ate I went back to studying, which I will probably do until dinner. The only thing I’m waiting for is Baton Rouge, I wanted to go there today but Mom and Dad decided that we should study. I hope we can go there tomorrow. I don’t exactly know why I want to go there so bad but I just have a feeling its going to be great. Tonight we won’t be eating taco casserole and instead artichokes (not my favorite).


6 responses to “121. STUDY by Scarlet Friend

  1. Scarlet: Do you find your find your current “mobile” educational experience more fulfilling than the “stationary” Franklin School? Are you getting smarter?

    • Yes I enjoy going out to see history instead of spending six hour sitting around pretending to learn history. Lets just say I would learn more from an hour lecture presented by you.

  2. We will invite our very best and well behaved friends to meet and greet you all when you are here and you and your siblings can put on a little program on your adventures

  3. Yes everyday we get up build a Lego trinket then later on we watch a video on the one you sent us. I like knowing that I can look forward to something.

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