126. The Iron Bowl


That is the name of this recycled materials sculpture outside of the United States Sports Academy. This school offers  sports related Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees on-line. With little need for a facility for students the building houses administrative offices is now the American Sport Art Museum and Archives.


The halls and a few old classrooms are filled with sports related art and sculptures. IT was very interesting to see the different styles portraying similar subjects. I didn’t realize that there are some artists that only do sports.


However there were a few projects that are just weird. I can’t really see any athlete looking at the shadow box with doll baby parts and saying, “Yes, the artist captures exactly how I feel”


Mobile has many nice museums and tour of historical homes, but they all came with a price tag and we have already seen some very nice historical homes. We crossed the border into Florida and headed to Pensacola for the Naval Aviation Museum.


It is fabulous. They must have over 100 airplanes and helicopters. And unlike every other museum on the planet they let you get right up close and even touch the displays. We took a guided tour and learned the history of many of the aircraft. Many of the WWII era planes had been fished from the depths of Lake Michigan. The lake was used for test pilots since no submarines were in the lake to shoot them down. For this brown plane (Military buffs are cringing that I’ve failed to remember the proper name) they retrieved it from the lake in 1990 and brought the same pilot to the lake who crashed it to watch. While it’s a bit novel, I’d be a little embarrassed to have someone remind me of the time I destroyed and really expensive piece of equipment.


This blue plane survived the attack on Pearl harbor, was repaired, and then survived the battle of Midway. It graduated to pilot training in Lake Michigan and was promptly sunk by a trainee. They fished it out and restored it.


The planes are just objects but after you hear their stories you start feeling a little emotional towards them. Probably why the museum is run by volunteers and a foundation they truly love these planes. One pilot did donate the funds to pay for the retrieval and restoration of the plane he crashed – he was the founder of Enterprise car rental.

So many planes, so many stories and the place closed before we could get to the exhibits on the 2nd floor or any of the movies. We are going back tomorrow.

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