128. Johnson Family Part 2


Colonial craft time

Since there is a Johnson Family Part 1 – I have to have a Part 2 since we are with the our second Johnson family member as a host. As if yesterday’s Easter dinner wasn’t enough to impress us, we found that there is a picture in the guest room of all the Johnson/Kipp kids at Easter. And I say “kids” but I’m also 7 months pregnant with Brenna.

We attended worship with Sas, her mother and sister, Jackie at St. Peter’s Anglican church. We then ha time to visit before lunch. It has been a long while since I have seen Sas’s family.


Jackie, Mammy, Sas, Elizabeth, Scarlet, Arden, Brody

The family cultural experience today was the Mission San Luis. It happens to be celebrating the winter solstice today which meant two things – extra fun and FREE.

The Mission has an extensive history that spans a number of time periods. From the largest native American Structure to a Spanish Fort.


While we learned much of the time periods from actors throughout the grounds we could not help but notice the medieval sword fights taking place.


My first thought was “How did LARPers end up here” Turns out it was some medieval recreational group who liked to sword fight as part of the Soltice festival. One of the participants let me know that they did medieval stuff the way it was supposed to be, you know, women can participate.


Scarlet trying on sword fighting armor, inside out

The kids enjoyed the craft area, archery, a Spanish nativity play and Brody partcipted in a drum circle. The only drawback of the day was the cold temperature.


On our way home we drove through the FSU campus. Since it is Christmas break we didn’t see any signs of revelry. Considering their guy won the Heisman we were hoping for at least a banner or two of triumph.


Maybe Seminoes are just very humble.


Yoga Jesus – There is no other explanation for this carving

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