129. Grand Pop Quiz

My father knows everything. Today the children were charged with “stumping Grandpa” by coming up with multiple choice questions for him to answer. There questions are from places we visited in Tallahassee today: Florida History Museum, the Capital Building, the Old Capital Building and the First Presbyterian Church.

Anyone else who would like to participate in the pop quiz may responding in the comments section. The children have asked that no googling be involved. Honor system ya’ll.


1. What was the common name for the 1923 RV

A. Tin Can Camper
B. House on Wheels
C. Travel Truck
D. Fold Out Hotel

2. A barrel maker is called a…

A. Marker
B. Cooper
C. Carter
D. Ringer


3. What knot was used to make a fish net

A. Reef knot
B. Figure eight
C. Half hitch
D. Sheet bend

4. What type of boat was first used at Silver Springs in the 1870’s

A. Double deck
B. Dugout
C. Ferry
D. Glass-bottomed

5. Which material was not used for an axe head

A. Shell
B. Rock
C. Bark
D. Bone

6. Florida comes from an Indian term meaning

A. Fire of Red
B. Corn Hair
C. Feast of Flowers
D. Field of Water

7. What was the cannon name that had a six pound ball

A. 6-pounder cannon
B. 6-pounder bombard
C. 6-pounder falconer
D. 6-pounder minion


8. Florida became part of the United States in

A. 1789
B. 1821
C. 1863
D. 1898


9.The name of the explorer supposedly searching for the Fountain of Youth

A. Amerigo Vespucci
B. Hernando Cortez
C. Vasco Da Gama
D. Ponce De Leon

5 responses to “129. Grand Pop Quiz

    • 100%
      The children have decided that the scribe did a terrible job translating their questions properly. Sas says the questions were not hard enough. One of the children is crying because they did not stump grandfather.
      Can’t wait to see you

  1. Look what you have done, you will never hear the end of it! “Even a blind pig can find acorns”

  2. The only one I recall from my youth is that Ponce DeLeon searched for the fountain of youth. The other questions are only guesses. since you don’t allow me to look them up I say:
    1 – Tin Camp Camper
    2 – Cooper (the other 3 don’t seem to fit.
    3 – Sheet Bend (In my youth we tied the figure 8 and half hitch and they don’t look like any kind of netting.
    4- Glass bottom – I was there in the 1970 same ole
    5 – Bark – dont see how this would work at all
    6 -No clue here Fire of Red sounds Indian lake
    7 – Cannon a cannon is a cannon??
    8 Indiana was in 1816 so Florida was shoutly threafter so it may be 1821

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