131. No Offense Florida


Florida is all about the tourist industry and we aren’t taking advantage of it. The children have announced that they are DONE with museums and nature walks. They are completely focused on Mecca also known as Riverwoods Plantation (Florida Retirement Mobile Home Park) home of their grandparents. I’m not quite sure what they are expecting but right now it is the greatest place on earth to them.

We attempted to see the Manatees one last time at Manatee springs. They were all probably scared away by the Ranger who decided this morning was the perfect time to rev up a generator and power wash the boardwalk next to the Manatee Spring. It did not bother the gargantuan coven of vultures.

Our campground tonight is just outside Tampa, Little Manatee River. Still no manatees to be found so we focused on the art of family selfies. With no internet connection the evening was spent putting together a 500 495 piece puzzle. Scarlet let us know about 1,000 times that this would be her last night in the RV.



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