132. Over the River


This is Dinosaur. Today he rode in the windshield and helped direct the RV to Riverwoods, home of the grandparents. Dinosaur has been a fantastic source of amusement during our travels. Every morning he ferociously awakens Brody sometimes with a special touch, other times with song. You never know. Dinosaur is very fierce but really wants to be friends with Brody and struggles not to eat him. Often he is aware of dinosaurs on TV and tries not to emulate their terribleness. Dinosaur’s foreshortened arms are a hindrance to creating the havoc he wishes. He has been trying to focus his energies on becoming a hairstylist for Brody – his arms are perfect for this. Unfortunately when he is so close to Brody for any period of time he just wants to eat him.

And safely we arrived!


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