Greatest Show On Earth

While we are spending Christmas with my parents in Florida the posting of our daily activities will be suspended until we are back on the road and are doing interesting things again. For now, we are probably doing what you are doing – having fun with the family. There will be a few posts as we plan out our trip to Europe. Hopefully they will answer questions we often get about the next phase of our adventure. Where are we going? When are we going? How are we going since the RV is not a boat?

Except for today.


Today this post is about our trip to The Ringling Museum in Sarasota. If you are thinking Ringling Circus? You’d be spot on. If you are ever near Sarasota, this museum is worth a trip. I feel like a broken record but his is another place that has something for everyone. We started our day by touring Ca’D’Zan the mansion built by John and Mable Ringling. It was very much like the Hearst Castle on the West coast but not nearly as big.


We could have spent all day walking through the circus museum. It was very interesting on the history and evolution of the circus. there were many displays on the acts that have become famous over the years. The centerpiece of the museum is the miniature circus which is huge in the area that it covers. It really puts into perspective just how large an operation the circus way. And the logistics required to put everything up, perform and tear it down in a day – just amazing.


Finally there was the Ringling Museum of Art. The children were not that thrilled but they are starting to recognize and appreciate different styles and subject matter. When you visit an art museum with a 9 year old boy you can’t help but notice how often the subject matter is women whose clothing constantly slips off their shoulders, or is missing altogether. It was unexpected to see 20×40 foot paintings by Rubens.


Grandpa explaining the fate of Marie Antoinette to Scarlet

The Ringling also has a Theater, gardens and a library. To do everything would take more than a day. So if anyone is ever here for Spring break and there is a rainy day – you have somewhere to go.


Photo taken of the fashion exhibit moments before the docent said “No pictures please”

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