Christmas on a Budget

Family ChristmasWith all the references to staying on a budget there may be a question on what we did for Christmas. From a material standpoint we did very little. But from a celebratory aspect – we did everything.

We are in Florida with my parents and attended their Christmas Eve service. My parents each had a part in the service, mother a solo and father a reading. Brenna was invited to sing with their choir and led the congregation in Silent Night during the candle lighting portion. Brent and I cannot help but have pride in Brenna’s artistic ability. After the service we had our family tradition at my parents home of reading of the Christmas story and reflection. As the evening wore down Brody’s ears perked up at the sound of bells outside. He was very inquisitive and peeked his head out the door to check things out. Next thing we know Brody slammed the door and ran back inside, very unsure what to do with himself. It was Santa coming for a visit – Candy Canes and McDonalds gift certificates for all!

But uh-oh. Brent and I had not counted on Brody thinking Santa was going to bring him stuff. A side effect of homeschool is we don’t have other children shattering our son’s belief in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Santa ended up leaving a note for Brody stating his gift had been left in Indiana since there is little room in the RV. See how we haven’t really solved the problem? Now we have to get a gift to Indiana and make it look like Santa left it.

Many of our Christmas morning gifts were the little free souvenirs we have picked up along our travels. It was fun to tell everyone about he visit associated with the different objects. Brenna was the big winner of Best Gift Award – she gave Arden tickets to the incredibly talented singing troupe: One Direction. Arden will now be able to do nothing but plan her outfit and hair, and count the seconds until One Direction is but a mere 765 yards away from her.

One direction

Mother made a fabulous Christmas dinner of prime rib. We contributed a pecan pie – made form the pecans we gathered on Thanksgiving. We quickly assimilated to the material world by ending Christmas Day at the movie theater to watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

2 responses to “Christmas on a Budget

  1. Good thing Brody doesn’t read the blog… let me know if I can help with getting something ready here in Indiana as “santa”. 🙂

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