When Will You Be Home?

Can't wait to get the RV up my parents driveway!

Can’t wait to get the RV up my parents driveway!

Admittedly we have been terrible at keeping the world at large updated on our planned route. Don’t even click on the “Destination Link” it is woefully behind. But we have made some decisions that we can share for the near future.

We will leave Florida on January 3rd and head home through Alabama/Tennessee/Kentucky.  This will be the shortest route and keep us out of the mountains during winter. Unfortunately this means that we will miss seeing many of our East Coast friends. The trip to Indiana will take 7 to 10 days. There are still places to see and friends to visit on this route.  Our home base will be Gnaw Bone at my parents home. But do not fear – we will make a number of trips to Franklin and Indianapolis to see friends and family. We also will need to park the RV and load up on items from our home. So if you are having a party or would like an excuse to have one – we are available to be invited and will show up. We are still all about good company and free food.

Scarlet will turn 13 in January and has been planning the ultimate birthday party. If we ignored her birthday and deprived her of quality friend time she would throw a fit. Or as we tried to get on the plane to Europe she would go all toddler on us and fall to the ground and make us drag her around like a rag doll. So we will be reaching out and doing some entertaining of our own.

The trip to Europe will begin on February 6. We have tickets to Budapest, Hungary which lands on the 7th. We will stay there a week and then move on. We plan to purchase Euro-rail passes and take the train to multiple locations, staying in each a week. Right now we are committed to Budapest and Madrid (March 22-30). The rest is still to be determined. Our tickets home are dated May 17th out of Budapest. Brent, Brody, Arden and I will be on the plane.

We are leaving Brenna and Scarlet in Europe.

To be continued..


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