RV For Sale

Are you taking the RV around Europe?

No we are not, and today Brent listed it on Craigslist. What are the chances someone is going to buy it in the next 5 days? If it sells Brent says the plan is to rent a van and drive home. That would be so much closeness.

This isn't really ours.

This isn’t really ours.

To get around Europe we are going to use our wits and the Euro-rail. It remains to be seen if this is a wise choice. Today too much time was spent trying to get a Euro-rail pass – it required matrices and cursewords. It is very easy to say “We will travel by Eurorail” procuring said Euro-rail pass is quite another. First of all there isn’t a “pass” there are a number of passes that you have to read about and understand. It is also important that you have some kind of idea where you are going. Knowing well ahead of time is not our strong suit. There are so many variables: length of time, number of trips, age of traveler, seating class and number of countries. And wouldn’t you know that part of our trip falls into the off-peak rate time so that had to be a factor as well. I ended up making a matrix with all the different permutations we might use then used conditional formatting in Excel to highlight (in green) the lowest priced options.

Once the best combination was determined it was time to navigate the Eurail website. Based solely on the hours I spent the site was obviously developed by the same company who bid for Healthcare.gov. I made it through the entire gauntlet and was foiled by a single checkbox to “Accept the Terms”. It didn’t matter where I placed the curser or how hard I clicked the mouse; the box would not check. And we tried three different computers. There is a bit of a time crunch as the off-peak rates must be purchased before 2013 ends. They have no contact number but they have a Facebook page for me to exert my wrath.

Finally we stumbled on Rick Steve’s travel site where passes could be purchased. There was an even bigger shock – they were cheaper and delivery faster. Within 30 minutes the passes were purchased. I don’t know who Rick Steve is but he is my new internet travel info hero. We also scored a discount on items for sale in the Rick Steve online store – someone will be getting some micro fiber towels!

I’m pretending that I didn’t see the fine print that said our passes were not good for night trips or high speed trips. And there might have been something about reservations. I have a feeling there are going to be more Eurorail related posts in the future.


4 responses to “RV For Sale

  1. Rick Steve has travel programs on PBS. He seems to have a good time & has interesting things to share.
    Good luck with the rail system, you & I had our adventure getting around Chicago following Brent & Jeff for the marathon! Safe travels heading north.

  2. Ah yes Rick Steves! He writes the best travel books – we got the one for Italy when we went way back when and it shared sneaky back ways into the Vatican! We already have the one for Spain so can show you that one in Jan!

  3. Haha! I accidentally bought 2 complete sets of Eurail passes for our trip this past summer. We have several interesting stories/adventures to share w you someday re our Eurail experience!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your travels.

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