133. Child of the Sun

20140103-214559.jpgTwo weeks of being spoiled by parents/grandparents has been a nice break from driving and touring. This morning was spent untangling our clothes and Christmas gifts from the homes we have been inhabiting and transferring them to the RV. The RV has been washed and vacuumed and is ready for us to mess it up again. Now we are travelling with six people – Brenna is with us. We had to take an extra place setting from my parents so she would be able to eat off of a plate with silverware. She gets to live out of her suitcase – we are out of cubbies.
It is our understanding that Indiana and other places north are posting artic temperatures and the extended forecast is grim. The building where I used to work likes to call me at 5:30AM sometimes to let me know that it is very cold and not to come in so early. We are taking our time to let the cold snap pass.


Danforth Chapel – furniture and window by Wright

We visited Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. FSC is the largest one-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture titled, “Child of the Sun”. We are not sure why because the buildings look just like all his designs, lots of geometric shapes.


The bicycle rack in the sky aka Pfieffer Chapel

Wright designed 18 buildings and 12 were completed. We wandered throughout the campus enjoying the eclectic facades which were all connected by a copper trimmed esplanade. The literature noted that 3 buildings were open to the public, we found that if you opened doors you could walk wherever you wanted.


Balcony of Pfieffer chapel

Now that we have visited Talisen West and FSC the children should be able to recognize Wright’s work.



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