134. Swimming with the Shark


In Franklin our children are proud members of the FRST (Franklin Regional Swim Team). One of the sacrifices of our trip is that the kids have missed out on their sport which seems to be evenly part physical development  and part social development. Through social media and electronic devices they successfully ward off stunting their social development during this arduous road trip. The physical part of swimming, they are missing out.

But not today.

Today we were invited to work out with our host at his local YMCA in Daytona Beach. Why would the girls agree to a swim practice on a cool 50 degree day at an outside lap pool? Because it is the same pool where Ryan Lochte trained. If there is magic in the water – the kids want some of it. The picture of Jesus over the welcome counter might help some too.


Brenna and I kept watch while Brent, Arden, Scarlet, Brody and our host, Shark, swam laps. The girls had some friendly competition – Arden won.


Our host, Shark, is another Camp Tecumseh connection.  He is responsible for expanding my repertoire of camp songs and instructing me on the finer points of lifegaurding when I was a Counselor in Training.  We had a great evening with Shark and his family, Candone, Jason and Kristen. A highlight was a game of Cranium – adults won! Brody will tell you his favorite part was acquiring a 1st place swimming trophy from Jason, who has a trophy making business, Brody even slept with it.


Our host family has had the privilege of living in and touring Europe. They were able to give us many tips on where to visit and what to do. We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of so much of their knowledge – they make getting around Europe seem pretty easy.

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