136. Madrigals in Montgomery


Shelley & Elizabeth, Australia, 1988

We said good-bye to our friend Sas in December – but we came back! Our route took us through Tallahassee and Sas was kind enough to feed us another wonderful meal and stay in her warm house. I was also a chance for her to see Brenna. Turns out that Brenna is the 17th houseguest Sas has had this holiday season. Scarlet was thrilled to be back because it meant more opportunities to play Mah Jong. Mah Jong is a terrible game that perplexes me to no end. Scarlet has the thing figured out and I can barely remember my own name while playing.


It was a long driving day – four whole hours to Montgomery, Alabama. Our hosts family is my high school friend Shelley and her son AJ. We were lucky enough to hit a big Alabama night and watched the Auburn/FSU game; you can’t go wrong with pizza and football! Brody was very excited to have a visit with a boy his age. We may have received some extra special treatment when we realized that Shelley’s father was a Purdue graduate.


AJ & Brody

Shelley and I spent a majority of the evening catching up and remembering our time together in high School. We attended West Springfield High School and were members of the a capella singing group, Madrigals. We had the pleasure of performing in fetching powder blue, floor length dresses by the 80s formal queen, Jessica McClintock. The highlight of our time together was the group’s trip to Australia in 1988. Shelley and I were room mates and had a great time trading memories of our time their and the many friends we shared. Fellow Mads, if you felt your ears burning last night? It was us.

Shelley and Eliz

Shelley & Elizabeth, Alabama, 2014




One response to “136. Madrigals in Montgomery

  1. I tried to play Mah Jong on the computer once or twice. Never did figure it out.

    This “little” trip of yours with the sights you’re seeing, new friends you’re making and old friends you’re seeing is amazing. What memories you are making that will be with your kids forever.

    I heartily applaud you!

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