137. Johnson Family Part 3

The routine of visiting interesting sites was replaced today by the boring activity of winterizing the RV. So boring that no one except Brent participated. All you need to know is it involved dumping fluids down the sewer in a friends neighborhood. We are classy.

We had a short drive to Birmingham and spent the afternoon playing games with our host family.

Our hosts are Joel, Kim, Ryan and Evan. We have already stayed with Kim’s mother in Tallahassee and sister, Cori, in Denver. If you have time you can appreciate Kim’s creativity by buying her book Buying the Farm. We had a great time and were thankful for a warm home that could accommodate all of us. You may notice in the picture Evan, he recently did a spectacular job of redecorating his face after a flying leap into bed was greatly off his intended trajectory.

We did stop by a family home in the neighborhood. The owners are not home. They are traveling the world with their children and sometimes entertain e-mail questions from another family who has no clue how to travel internationally but is going to do it anyway. Their website is 4 Worn Passports.
I hope they don’t think I’m a stalker.



One response to “137. Johnson Family Part 3

  1. Winterize the RV ? I’m sure you will now enjoy showering with antifreeze but then you will have Brenna’s industrial strength deodorant to mask the smell!

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