138. Driving through Music City


A great part of being human is the array of characteristics and behaviors we have at our disposal. That is why I’m incredulous that the children are only able to exhibit two states of being while riding in the RV: sentient and wrestling. There is nothing in between.

Luckily Brent received a great CD for Christmas which we play loudly to tune out the howls and squawks coming from the WWF training center (aka back of the RV). We listen to a 3 CD set of 80’s Hits! Night Ranger, Debbie Gibson, Wild West, Little River Band, and many more. Now many of you may be thinking, “Gee, you can make an 80’s play list in 10 minutes, why bother with a CD set?” Well you can’t find the versions on this set just anywhere. I’m not sure if there are copyright deals but what is on the CD is unique.

It appears the CD producers did two things, they taped a live version or they found the original artist and recorded a more recent version. After 20 or more years you can imagine how the more recent voices of 80’s superstars may have changed. And the live versions – many of the groups and soloists are found at State Fairs. I take that back, based on our travels throughout the country 80’s rock musicians are playing at Casinos wherever Casinos are to be found. Casino’s hire 80s musicians and American Idol semi-finalists. This is based on the multitude of billboards we have passed advertising their performance dates.

The original artists sound like they are having fun. Since it is the 6,983rd time they have sung the song they have had time to refine their presentation and shake it up a bit for the new millennium. And the great debate of whether Tiffany and her beau “tumble to the ground” or “Tumble through the crowd” rages on.


2 responses to “138. Driving through Music City

  1. Surrounded as we are by casinos out here in Washington state, you got that right that, “…casinos hire 80s musicians and American Idol semi-finalists…”

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