139. Max & Maeby


Brent, Scarlet, Max and Maeby

It was our last night in the RV – we failed to have any type of ceremony. Unless you count chanting 217 times in a row “time to get up” a ceremony. We are almost home to Indiana but had to make a stop in Louisville to visit Aunt Geri, Uncle George and cousin John Patrick. But the most importantly it is home to mighty chihauhaus cousins – Max and Maeby. Mulitudes of thanks that odd spelling of names did not extend to the humans in the family. John Patrick could not contain his emotions when he awoke from his nap to find six new people in his house.


Geri and emotional John Patrick

It didn’t take long for John Patrick to warm up to his cousins and entertain everyone with his ability to run and parrot any word given to him – but incorrectly. Almost two year olds are great fun.

The news from home – 2 hours away – has been about cold, snow and basic shot down of all essential services. In Louisville? Not a snowflake to be seen. You read that right – we have still not encountered any snow. I’m curious as to where it will exactly start.


John Patrick and Brenna

The evening was spent with critical viewing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. We feel this balances our all the histroical and cultural activities. We do try to turn it in to a learning experience for the girls; in real life, obsessive men are not quality relationship material.


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