140. Back Home Again in Indiana

We said goodbye to cute cousin John Patrick and headed north towards home. Surprisingly we didn’t see much snow. Parts of Indiana have still not returned to school since before Christmas! As soon as we hit the exit for my parents cabin? SNOW!!!

We quickly ascertained that the RV was not going to make it up the driveway, ever. That’s when we attempted to logistically determine the next course of action. While there is a quite simple solution it is debatable if we found it. We decided to park the RV at our house.
We unloaded food and an over night bag at the cabin then barged into our Franklin home like we owned the place. The girls waltzed through the house asking me why we couldn’t make it look so nice. Our tenant, Morgan, has done a wonderful job of adding personal touches and rearranging furniture to accommodate her family belongings. Maybe they will leave some of the cute items for us when we return.
Everyone changed into outfits we haven’t seen for so long so we could attend our friend’s calling. We didn’t really have a vision for our return; it was nice to just slip back into life. We fell right back in to seeing our friends and sharing a bit of our adventure. We have 3 weeks to plan for Europe.

We are continually thankful and reminded of my parents generosity. We were beyond excited to see they had left a family favorite treat. Thank you father- they are so ver very good.


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