Mail Call

20140111-211112.jpgWhat are you doing with your mail?

Our mail has been delivered to our house – the Post Office is oblivious to our absence. Mail isn’t really a big consideration anymore. All of our bills are paid on-line and a majority of our personal correspondence is done through e-mail and social media. Our tenants have been kind enough to keep the mail we do receive. Now that we are home for a break – we sorted through the mail basket. It has made for some interesting observations.

My sister gave me a subscription to Entertainment Weekly for my birthday in September 2012. With our big trip ahead of us I did not renew the subscription, EW asked me many times to PLEASE remember to renew. I did nothing. Sixteen issues of EW are in the basket – a couple with a special notice that says, “Urgent, your subscription ends soon.” I’m now curious when they will stop sending them.

Financial statements. So many financial statements. I’m going to make a request. Now, when financial companies read my request and make some changes I may kick myself for not charging a consultant fee. Apparently NO ONE in the entire Financial industry has been able to come up with this as yet discovered efficiency. Ready? Financial institutions, send all your statements to me in one envelope. *BOOM* Jillions will be saved.

Anything that starts “To the Parents of…” and is not from our home school district? SCAM

All the charity requests. Sadly any monies we have ever sent to a charity have been spent on the decade of follow-on requests; brochures, postage, return address lables… Please charities, you can ask me for more money once or twice but 10 times? Isn’t it obvious that we are not going to send more. Catalogs are just as bad. I’m incredulous that they have not all gone under. How big are their profit margins that I can buy a pair of $5.99 earmuffs and then get a catalog every week perpetually. How is this possible?

This could all be solved if the postal service developed a different pricing structure for commercial mail. Postal Service – please contact me though this blog and we can discuss the consultancy fee for my suggestions.



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