Dalmation Coast


It’s about time there is resolution to the post from December where it was alluded that Brenna and Scarlet will not return home with us from Europe.

It is unclear whether my parents were abducted by aliens and returned with a chip in their brains or if they are some sort of geriatric changelings. Either way my children are benefitting immensely from the new, generous, pair that exists today. The parents I had in 1990 decided to take a family trip to Germany. Let me paraphrase how the family trip was explained to me, “The family is going to Germany, it is easier to travel with 4 people so you can stay home and watch the house.” ‘Easier’ really meant ‘cheaper’. You may be sympathetic to my plight but my brother and sister assure me that it was not so much a vacation as it was a forced experiential history lesson complete with pre-reading assignments and daily quizzes.

With the Germany trip in mind, lets contrast with recent events.

My parents enjoy traveling abroad during their retirement years. They realized that a their 2014 trip coincided with the end of our Europe trip. They asked if Brenna and Scarlet could join them. Who are we to deny our children the opportunity of time with their grandparents? Unfortunately there were no openings for the girls – Dad canceled it and booked an entire new excursion, a cruise along the Dalmation Coast. And yes, I had to look up the location. At the end of our trip we will all meet in Zagreb for the hand off. And I had to look up Zagreb as well.

Ultimately the girls will be back in the state in early June, two weeks after the rest of us. I’m sure my father told me the exact date and is raging that I didn’t take the time to look it up.

It may appear that Arden is left out. She already had a trip with my parents in 2012. She is perfectly happy returning to the states with us and reuniting with all her amazing friends

It is worth noting that this will be Brenna’s 4th trip to Europe with my parents. I wish I could incorporate a data visualization into this post to depict Number of Times Travelled to Europe with Parents/Grandparents. Brenna’s bar would depict 4 trips. My bar would have 1. (I was along for Arden’s trip in 2012). But that really is not a fair comparison given the whole body snatcher event.


3 responses to “Dalmation Coast

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  2. WE are honored and delighted that these accomplished, exceptionally talented, immensely popular, highly intelligent and super attractive Christian young women have consented to share time from their demanding schedule with their grandparents. Their respectful and appreciative attitude toward art, history and culture coupled with a cosmopolitan world view make them ideal travel companions. Their charming demeanor and ability to cultivate every social situation adds another positive dimension to our lives and provides a us with a never ending source of pride!

  3. Isn’t it Dalma”tian?” That’s how the dog breed is spelled and it originated over there?

    Safe travels!

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