Reunions Galore

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Five months away from their friends has almost been more than the children can bear. With the internet and cell phones they haven’t been “Out of sight, out of mind” but the communication is no replacement for togetherness. This past week was huge for getting together with our hometown friends and family.


FRST swim team girls

The girls were each surprised with gatherings of their swim team friends. Saturday evening members from the girls team and their families gathered at her friend Carly’s home. The next evening the younger girls from the team gathered to mob Scarlet at her friend Ali’s. They have both fallen right back into the old friend routine and even spoke positively about the trip. Mostly they want to be loud and talk about One Direction. In addition to trip related questions there is always a comment about Scarlet. In 5 months she has grown 2 inches – she is now the tallest female in our family. She has surpassed me, except in shoe size.


Allison, Alaina, Nathan and Ryan

Brent and I have not been left out, we both spent time in Indianapolis visiting with our co-workers. We both had very positive experiences. No one had shifty eyes or looked uncomfortable – so we believe we are still on the path to return to our old positions at the end of our leaves of absence. On Friday evening we had dinner at the cabin with a co-worker of mine, Ryan, who has pursued another opportunity, I will be sad to see an empty desk where he used to be. However, we had a great evening with his family and learned about their struggles of running a smallish farm which included goats with polio, newborn puppies and a donkey that frightens them. We hope to visit Posterity Prairie before we take off for Europe, they are only 15 minutes from the cabin.


Brody, FarMor, FarFar, Katrina and Aiden

Sunday we had the Friend family Christmas. It was much like the Kipp side, low budget and a lot of laughs. Once again we handed out items we had picked up through our travels as well as many craft projects that Scarlet has completed during the week. Scarlet found the old cloth-band loom and everyone has taken to making woven pot holders, it’s addicting. Brent’s brother Brian and wife, Kenda went out of their way to feed us two fabulous meals. We have repaid their kindness by bringing home cousins Klaine and Kaden since they are out for MLK day.

And there is still a list of names for people we need to see before we leave.


One response to “Reunions Galore

  1. Saw Brenna’s new blog which is GREAT now that this one has been fully discredited by the ever vigilant Scarlet. Since I’m not cleared by the NSA I can’t respond to it.
    We all are saddened that Brenna ,one of the family that held such promise, an elite Purdue University celebrity, has found herself out of college, subsisting in an abandoned log cabin in hills of southern Indiana and can’t even get up the drive way! Maybe Scarlet’s ransacking of the Quilt Room will be successful in finding those food stamps we stashed and sustenance can be achieved.
    But now that she is the Designated Transportation Officer she might schedule the trains in Europe to make possible an escape somewhere in Croatia (a place her mother has never heard of)!

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