Cable, Netflix old VHS tapes of the family from the 90’s – this list of distractions in the cabin is pretty long. There is time before our trip but there is quite a bit to be done. It can be very overwhelming but in true Project Management form – planning responsibilities have been delegated.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am focused on lodging, it is slow going but I’m getting smarter and places are starting to come together. We have 4 cities with definite reservations and 2 that are almost finalized. There will be 16 stops in al but this has us off to a comfortable state and with places to stay at least for the first month. A secondary position is social director and cook but that is my job no matter where we are.

Brent is the education coordinator. This entails reaching out to the schools to make sure things are on track for the children. On Friday Brody will visit his class to give a presenttion on his trip, Brent is helping him make he best PowerPoint ever. He also has to figure out the new IT structure for overseas. His initial plan of “everyone put their phone on ‘Airplane Mode'” was not well received.

Brenna is tackling an aeronautical engineering degree so we think she needs to challenge herself on the road so her job is Transportation. We have Eurail passes and she has to figure out how they work and how Eurail in general works. Once I have a definitive location in a city she researches the logistics of how to get us there. When I explained the responsibility to her the response was, “So, basically I’m planning the whole thing.”

Arden does nothing – she is online trying to get through at least 30% of her curriculum before we leave.

Scarlet is Acculturation lead. For each city we visit she has to find one interesting thing to do or visit. She also has to find the translation for common phrases for each of the cities. This means ten different translations for: hello, goodbye, please, thank you and excuse me.

We are playing to Brody’s newfound passion for his responsibility – food. Brody has to talk to each family member about the menu for the trip. What do they want to always have? What do they never want to have? Snacks? Breakfast? He is on top of it.


2 responses to “Delegation

  1. “Blessed Reassurance is Ours”. All readers are no doubt gratified with the reorganization plan especially the appointment of Brenna to such a key and accountable position. Now that she has been given overall responsibility she will even be able to cover for lodging shortfalls by scheduling overnight trips so that weary travelers can catch up on sleep in their train seats instead of hotel beds!

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