Toastmaster Junior

20140125-134419.jpgBrody was invited back to his classroom to talk about his travels around the United States. He previously did a presentation with his sisters for friends of his grandparents in Florida. However, he wanted something all his own. All week Brody researched pictures of some of his favorite stops and rehearsed. It was fun to watch the evolution of his dialog. For example his first run through would be:
At Anne’s we learned to stitch.

After some suggestions it turned into:
My Aunt Anne live in Phoenix and is a doctor. While we were at her house she taught us some things like how to stitch people up. In this picture you can see me practicing sutures on a piece of chicken.

The children were VERY excited to see Brody walk in the classroom, they had no idea he would be there. Brody’s teacher, Mrs. Jochim, gave them time to say hello which included lots of hugs from his friends. One even cried tears of joy.

Brody was very nervous but did an excellent job going over his slides with the kids. The class paid attention and had an unending litany of questions:

– What was your favorite place?
– What was your least favorite?
– Did you miss us?
– Did you go to Bonita Springs?
– With so many badges why aren’t you a real Ranger?
– Did you miss us?

Brody stayed for recess and lunch and on the ride home he felt like the King of the World. If you need a guest speaker the next couple of weeks please feel free to contact Brody for availability and rates.


Mrs. Jochim, Brody and classmates


2 responses to “Toastmaster Junior

  1. Three cheers for Brody. Our friends are still talking about your presentation here in Florida

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