Keeping the Saw Sharp


The children are not the only ones on the trip doing some learning. Brent and I have been taking classes as well. There is the obvious knowledge to be gained by visiting historical locations and museums but one cannot discount the impact of a structured curriculum. Our neighbor, Andrew, told us about free on-line courses offered through our local library. Free is something that always gets our attention. These are not courses that are recognized at the University level but they are something to help build knowledge in a variety of areas.

Brent took a Business Analytics introductory course and I took Project Management and Finance courses. Keeping the saw sharp, all in the comfort of our RV. We both had a passable level of knowledge of these topics but the course really helped solidify some of the concepts. The information presented rivals any college course I have taken. We absolutely could learn the same information from a  book but the lessons, assignments and quizzes make it easy and sometime fun. There was a final at the end but they were not difficult. Brenna will take some of the courses as we travel in Europe.

I have found in business settings I have not always been familiar with certain phrases and terms.  For example in a meeting the term WBS was used. I asked for clarification and the response was “Work Breakdown Structure,” I could intuitively get the gist of what it was but it was still unfamiliar. After a short Google search it turns out the WBS is a fancy term for a plan. Fancy business terminology changes every day so keeping up though free online courses is more fun than exposing ignorance or pretending to understand and looking it up later.

We leave in a few days and I hope to have completed an application for an on-line Masters program. The first class starts during our trip. It may seem foolish to muck up our giant vacation with lessons, homework and tests. Remember though, we are traveling with Arden who is taking six high school courses on-line. How can we expect any less of ourselves? The downside is that it is taking me HOURS to write a personal statement about why the program should have me and how this will enrich my professional life. I can rattle off a page about our trip adventures in 15 minutes but ask me a structured question and I’m completely helpless.

If you are in Johnson County Indiana – why not check it out? click here for Learn4Life link


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