Tax Man


One of the things we planned to accomplish during our down time were taxes. Our usual plan is on April 1st panic sets in, we scramble and miraculously everything gets done before midnight on April 15th. Due to this method we did not realize that tax documents do not actually arrive on January 1st eagerly awaiting people who are on the ball and get things done well before their due dates. Procrastinators like us have no clue that some of these documents don’t arrive until as late as mid-February. It appears that we will be completing our taxes from Europe. Since we joined the cult of Turbo Tax this shouldn’t be too difficult, just inconvenient.

Our time has not been a total loss with respect to taxes. We naively assumed that living off the grid and not having an income would make taxes easier. This was a terrible assumption, they are harder. Although we did not move, we had two living situations. All the normal housing deductions can only be taken for the time we lived in the house. The RV is a house in itself too, more lines of numbers to complete. We thought we were very clever to have someone live in our house while we were away. The tax man calls this scenario an income generator where we are the landlords of a rental property. There are now a whole bunch of forms and blanks to compete when you own a rental property. Hopefully we have done this correctly.

Brenna is another story, she is an adult and gets to file her own return. Of course we help. She earns a very small amount each year and gets a refund. Our fun is in trying to find an online filing system that does not charge a low low price of $17.95 for the convenience. I know there is a free way to do it somewhere but it is difficult sorting through the numerous for profit on-line companies who provide this service.

I have noticed a line item on the tax forms which says “Foreign Taxes Paid”. I will be sure to keep track of this for next year!

We have our backpacks almost packed. Wednesday we are driving to Chicago and will spend the night before our Thursday flight. Once we return to travel mode the European travel blog will commence with daily posts. Our connectivity will be spotty in Europe. We really don’t know what the situation will be. While there will be a daily chronicle, it may not be posted timely. There may not be as many posts linked to Facebook – if you are interested in updates a suggestion would be to “Follow” our blog. This will send a link directly to an email every time we post a new item. However, I know how annoying these types of email can be.


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