-1E. Slow Snow Start

20140205-202634.jpgWe are back on the road working our way towards Europe – it will still be a couple days before we get there. Now that we are traveling again the blog posts will chronicle each day. The days will be numbered, like the US portion of our trip, but with an “E” for Europe. The orderliness of it makes me feel good. Today is day negative one – because we are not there yet.


Must be at least a mile

Since it is the coldest snowiest winter across the globe (there is no study to reference for this fact) it was fitting that another storm blew in and dumped a mess of whiteness all over us. The plan for today, in my head, was this: pick up rental car when they open (8AM) – the rest doesn’t matter because the snow ruined it all.


Everything we need for 3 months in 6 bags?

We waited for the snow to stop and roads cleared before we headed out. We did need the extra time to pick up after ourselves in the cabin. It’s a lucky thing that my parents forget where they put things or what they have because nothing is where it started when we arrived. Although they may notice the large bag of trash we left in their garage (Psst, parents, you may want to ask a neighbor to be so kind as to pick it up after the snow melts.)

For the final time we barged in to our old house and dumped another load of items. Brent had the forethought to solicit goodwill from our tenants by leaving them our Jeep with the snowplow attachment. John was a little excited to have so much snow to push around this morning. However, in his enthusiasm he also plowed the neighbor’s driveways – he’s making us look bad!

The roads to Chicago were not too bad. We passed the carnage of slide-offs from earlier hours. For dinner we stopped at Olive Garden and had a final feast in the US. Our friend Teddy, was kind enough to give our family a gift certificate. Teddy was concerned that the girls were not eating properly on the road when we were in the RV. We used every bit of the gift and even had dessert. It was a great way to spend our last evening.


Home tonight is the Hampton Inn. The girls are pleased as punch to have their own room and Brody is beside himself that he will have a queen sized bed all to himself. After so long in an RV it really soesn’t take much to impress the children now.

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