1E. Binge Watching

IMG_7215The flight overseas is not a short one by any means. With the advent of a personal media center in coach seating – we don’t really care. We found ourselves with a 9 hour flight and a large library of movies and television shows to watch. If there was a 12-step program for television addiction I would be a charter member. We do not have cable TV because when we did I found myself watching the most ridiculous shows like Joe Millionaire instead of doing something more productive. We have Netflix to provide us with our TV fix. Usually Brent and I pick a series and watch entire seasons in a matter of weeks. We have abstained from completing a season in one sitting.

The flight presented us with the opportunity to do just that. The children were ahead of us and plugged in and assumed zombie like positions for the duration of the travel. Brent and I were beyond gleeful to find one of the viewing offerings was the HBO series Game of Thrones. As quickly as we prepared for our binge watching session our excitement was dashed – all movies and TV shows were free except HBO productions. Rats rats rats! We still found plenty to keep us entertained – guilt free. There was absolutely nothing we could have done that would have been more productive – not even sleep.

We arrived in Paris for a 4 hour layover and were beyond groggy with very little sleep. The girls managed to find some level of comfort sprawled on the floor. The flight to Budapest was uneventful and then we faced the moment of truth – would we find “Joe” waiting for us? Of course not; he was late – we piled into his mini-van and were delivered to an apartment near the Oktagon. Specifically we are in Jokai Square.


We will have to figure out what this guy did

My biggest fear is that we would be in a place in the middle of nowhere. We are not, our landlord, Allesandro, had made a map on the kitchen wall of the city and all the places of interest. We are in the middle of everything, just a few blocks from the Opera. Brent, Brenna and Brody walked two blocks to a market to get us some food. At around 6PM we could no longer keep our eyes open and headed for bed. I imagine we will awaken at about 4 in the morning!



4 responses to “1E. Binge Watching

  1. Well, you made it ! Six Friends, six backpacks and a place to sleep! Your audience is relieved and will now have to find something else to worry about; we’ll stay tuned!

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