4E. Assimilation Failure

20140210-192524.jpg“Wake up, it’s 1:15!”

The entire family slept until 1:15 in the afternoon. We have completely failed at adjusting to the time change. Our bodies conspired against us as they heard us say, “No more naps!” From now on, we will set our alarms.


Gothic Castle Replica from Millennial Celebration

Luckily our morning plan had been to study and visit the grocery store. Since we slept through breakfast we had morning fare for lunch and the grocery trip could wait until evening. For the afternoon we walked Hero’s Square and city park. There were a number of sculptures, monuments, museums and other activities.


Museum of Agriculture – Indiana should have one of these

The park and certain buildings were created to celebrate Hungary’s Millenium in 1896. It’s bummer that the US will have to wait 762 more years until we can have such a party. At Hero’s Square the family was forced to listen to the history of each honored ruling figure as interpreted by Rick Steves. We viewed the facades of a number of museums as they are all closed on Mondays – but this is fine since we don’t want to pay the entrance fees – Rick Steves says they are nice but don’t have anything super-important.


Worlds largest hourglass installed to celebrate Hungary entering the European Union in 2004. It is broken already.

We stopped by the thermal baths and they have given us pause. Unlike Yellowstone, with its guardrails and nature setting, Budapest has decided to capitalize on the geothermal activity and make a giant swimming pool and medicinal spa out of them. We just have to decide if a dip in the mineral water is worth the price of entrance/suit rental. And do we really want to wear a rented suit? The dilemmas we face.


A part of our budget is a night out in each city to enjoy the local cuisine. Our landlord suggested a place called Paprika, it did not disappoint. Everyone had something local and ate every bite. Brody was the most adventurous with a dish made of chicken, cheese, bacon and peaches. He has watched enough cooking shows that odd combinations intrigue him. Unfortunately he didn’t care for the peaches – they were easily removed and everything was quickly consumed.


Arden is taking a photography class this semester and took some overexposed night shots the walk home. She won’t let me post them on my blog but has given Brenna permission. Check her blog in the next day or so to check out Arden’s work taken at the intersection known as Oktagon.


Night photo by BRENT



2 responses to “4E. Assimilation Failure

  1. Don’t forget the military museum on the northwest part of the heights across the river. All that Austro-Hungarian greatness, you’ll just be thrilled beyond imagination!

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