5E. Great City Market

20140211-185833.jpgToday was rainy so we took a break from sight-seeing. oh, and we did wake up before noon! We braved the weather and took walk through town to the Great City Market. On the way we passed the Great Synagogue which is the 2nd largest in the world. The outside was quite intricate, I’m sure the interior is beyond amazing however, we were on a mission.


The Great City Market is a football sized covered building housing numerous fruit & vegetable and meat vendors. We thought it would be fun to get dinner items for our final night (tomorrow). We had to spend a lot of time at the meat counters figuring out what we wanted. Nothing is in English reading the signs meant nothing to us. The other way to recognize meat is by the way it is by cut and color. This too proved a challenge as they cut the meat to order so there were big slabs of pink shaped meat. We purchased something that we hope proves to be pork chops. We were cowards when it came to trying something exotic like pigs feet or their entire head (eyeballs removed) we only left with their pictures.


The upper levels had more touristy booths where Scarlet scouted for something to buy. She was given florints for her birthday and is ready to spend it. She purchased a purse, necklace and an assortment of postcards for friends. Now we just have to figure out how to mail them.


Cooking this week has been a challenge as we do not have an oven. What we have is a small frying pan, a wok and 2 sauce pans. Tonight I attempted a sausage cabbage soup. We got the cabbage right and purchased a tube of meat with the label “Finely Ground Pork and Beef Sausage” those were the exact words on the label, in english. It would have cost the typesetter less work if they had just written “Bologna”.



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