7E. Moving Day


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There is a bit of anxiety involved trying to navigate the path from one country to another. Especially when you are functionally illiterate every step of the way. Today we left our familiar Budapest apartment for something new in Vienna. Despite our issues awaking earlier this week, we were all up and out the door with backpacks by 7:30. We walked along with the business crowd not looking obvious that we were tourists at all. We successfully found the train station and navigated through the construction to find the entrance.

We had no clue how finding the correct train worked. We picked a travel office and asked about our tickets, they needed to be “validated”. They sent us to a V-I-P lounge. The lounge was able to validate our tickets then asked us to leave when we weren’t interested in paying 3Euros each to hang out in their swank room. We found another office who gave us a train time table. We had a little bit of stress when we realized the printed time-table and the Eurail App were giving us 2 different itineraries. We decided to go with the printed version. We watched a magic board and when a number came up by our desired city we walked with the mob and hopped on.


Once in Vienna our apartment host gave us directions by subway. We figured out how to purchase tickets (which were never checked) and meandered to the Brown U6 line. We learned that if you want a door to open at a stop you have to push a button – good thing we had a few stops to learn this. At our stop we got off and walked down a nearby road to find our host waiting in front of the apartment building. Phenomenal, we didn’t get lost and we were not late.


The final challenge of the day was locating a store and putting together a dinner. Turns out we are not far from a pretty bustling area with plenty of fun shops we will have to explore. The food was easier to figure out than in Budapest. I think because they use more pictures and write things in English, “Beef”. Now we will toil into the night figuring out where to go and how best to get there.


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