10E. Demel For Dessert


Today was colder that yesterday so it was a good thing we focused on inside activities. We toured the Hofburg which is the Habsburg family Palace. Austria kicked them out in 1916 and kept all their stuff. Much of the palace is used for government offices now, we didn’t tour those parts. There are a number of Palace aspects which have tours associated with them, we chose the Silver/Sisi/Apartment tours.


The Silver tour was too many rooms full of dishes. There were rooms and rooms and rooms of dishes in silver, gold and multiple porcelain patterns. An of course the glassware and flatware.


The tour didn’t cover how many people were employed back in the day just to polish these pieces

The children were probably shocked to learn that serving dishes can be more than a bowl or a platter. If there is a food, some silversmith made up a shape for it to be served. It is no exaggeration when I say that the room required to house all the dishes and associated table pieces is larger than the home of most people.


Children listening to the audiotour

Thus ended the portion of the tour where we could take pictures.

The Sisi museum gave a good overview of the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1837-1898). The tour ended with a walk through about 15 rooms decorated as they were when Franz Joseph I and the Empress lived there. A lot of the decoration was in the Neo-rococo design. I can’t really tell you what that means, unless it means “gawdy gold gilded”. Wait, I thought that was Baroque.

We went by the royal stables which now houses the Lipizzaner horses. These are the spanish horses that “dance”. Tickets are ridiculously expenses for the peasant folk so we passed on the Sunday afternoon show.

My father gifted us a tour of the Habsburg Treasury where we could see more royal booty. However, it is closed until February 21st, after our departure. To console ourselves we went to The Demel and bought cake for dessert. Chocolate makes everything better. We bought three different pieces, divided them and then instituted a lottery system to decide who would get first pick.Let’s restate the previous axiom:  Chocolate and random numbers make everything better.

2 responses to “10E. Demel For Dessert

  1. Lets’ get it right Emperor Franz Joseph died in 1916 and Karl l took the throne; in 1918 WWl ended badly for Austria -Hungry the dual monarchy got carved up by the Allies and the Habsburg rule was over. Sorry about the crown jewels remaining locked up in the basement somewhere but you were able to appreciate upstairs the grinding poverty and wretched conditions of a family living without food stamps and obamacare !

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