11E. Balkan Grill


Chess board + Golden Orb + Fortress = Salzburg

Made famous by The Sound of Music – we couldn’t miss Salzburg! However at over $50 a pop we could miss the Sound of Music tours. We concentrated our time in the old town section and were not disappointed by what we found. We started with a time of appreciation at the statue of Salzburg native son, Mozart. We also listened to Brenna say 100 times, “I’ve been here! I’ve been there! Hey, I remember that!” So far we have been to 3 cities in Europe, Brenna has already been to two of them.


Salzburg Cathedral

We visited two churches today Salzburg cathedral and St. Peters. They upped their awesomeness by having not 1 but 4 organs – it would have been nice to hear how they take advantage of 8 hands at the keys. According to the literature the cathedral is done in the Baroque. The baroqueness is amazing, the paintings and the sculpted ceilings and walls are beautiful. I’m sure there is a proper name for it but I don’t know what it is – apologies to all the architectural afficiandos if you are offended.


Below the cathedral are crypts and the foundations from the original Medieval church. There was a wall with what looks like an art installation – a row of lights with these creepy little stick figures and their shadows. I don’t know what that is all about.


Saint Peters is equally as stunning but it is in the Rococo style. What is the difference form the baroque? – no clue. They have giant paintings on the walls that would be so nice if we could see them up close.


The Saint Peters cemetery is the nicest cemetery ever. The plots are well cultivated with ornate markers of both marble or wrought iron. Evidently plots are rented with a bill sent to the family every 10 years. If you don’t pay, the marker is removed and someone eels is buried in the spot. The cemetery is surround by private tombs – each arch in the picture has a gated tomb behind it – they are all decorated. Tomb interior decorating must be a cottage industry in Salzburg. That and minding salt.

We walked up the hill to the Festung Hohensalzgurg – the Fortress. It was interesting to see how things were in a time gone by, but aesthetics were really not the forte of early architects. We toured a few rooms and their museum. They also had a marionette museum in the basement – I don’t know why it was there but it was in the basement and featured creepy puppets. Children visiting this section may be adversely affected.


While wandering the city streets we stopped by a vendor off Giedestrasse – the main shopping drag. The entire family was in love with the Bratwurst. You read that correctly – everyone. The bratwurst was delicious, the toppings generous and the bun perfectly toasted. They even top with curry – and the kids liked it! If you are ever in Salzburg – try this place out. It was down tunnel #33 – you won’t see it, it’s around a corner but it is not to be missed.


Native dish winner!


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  1. You should feel blessed that you are privileged to enjoy the company of such an accomplished world traveler who is willing to share her numerous previous experiences, accomplishments and insights with the rookies! By the way is that Arden standing on top of that golden ball???

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