12E. Tasteful Nudes

20140219-094755.jpgIsn’t that the art term for unclothed subject matter? Bottom line is despite the opulent building and the big name artists, we pretty much toured the Habsburg’s porn collection, also known as the Kunsthistoriches Museum. It is not a kosher way to discuss art but so many pictures are perfectly nice, great colors, people look like people, interesting subject matter, and then all the women have ill-fitting shirts that fall off halfway. And it’s always halfway too, very rarely is it the whole shebang – unless she-bang is the next obvious painting in the series. Clearly they had buttons during this era so who knows what the problem was with keeping shirts on properly.


It was fun walking around with Brody. He’s picked up on a lot of religious and mythical stories and was able to tell me what some of the pictures were. “Hey that lady (naked) tied to the rock with the guy on the horse flying around? That’s Perseus and Andromeda – they are in a constellation too!” Brent enjoyed the religious prints. Both here and during our visit to the Ringling Brothers Art Collection, he noticed a number of pieces include Jerome, an early Bible translator who toiled, naked, in the wilderness during his work. And finally there is Jupiter – the shape shifter. There were at least 4 paintings (which means there were many more) where he lusted after some girl (a different one every time) and took of some shape to trick her into she-bang: a fog, white bull, eagle and a shower of gold.

The breadth of collection was impressive, there was something for everyone.


Flowers by Peter Bruegel


Massive paintings by Rubens




Rembrandt selfies


And my favorite, also by Rubens – Portrait of a Mathematician (or Arbitrator) – he’s a pretty good looking medieval dude.

Since Vienna is the City of Music (not the Music City) we visited the Huasdermusik – or the Sound Museum. It had a number of displays on the Vienna Philharmonic, how we process sound, the mechanics of sound and an entire floor dedicated to Vienna’s favorites like Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Mahler.


Brody conducting a virtual orchestra

Our last day in Venice ran long and we were able to see the buildings alit on our walk home.


City Hall

6 responses to “12E. Tasteful Nudes

  1. I’m sure Brenna shared with you all that she had dined at the Vienna city hall in the “Knights” room. Great blog! And here we thought you would never appreciate great art !

  2. Definitely the art is very impressive. So glad that Brody is able to identify some of the subjects. A good start for more to come.

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