13E. Night Train

Isn’t it fun when you ready yourself for an appointment or meeting and are actually ready early? And then, as you smugly congratulate yourself on your time management skills, you discover that your appointment/meetings is actually earlier than you thought – in fact now you are so late that only if you run around like a crazy person will you make it on time.

Thus was the situation the Friend family encountered for the night train from Vienna to Venice. We leisurely packed up the apartment looking forward to our night ride at 11PM. A bit after 8 the fateful notification from Brent, “These tickets say the train leaves at 20:56 – that’s in 45 minutes!” We are having some difficulty properly translating time, temperature and other measures in Eurospeak. We screwed this one up. Somehow in 45 minutes we packed, swept the apartment, ran to the metro, metroed to the train station, ran to the train and made it – with 10 minutes to spare.


12 hours together in this space where the couches make into beds.


Brent and I ordered drinks.


We won’t name names on who is responsible for the debacle – but we have a transportation executive


6 responses to “13E. Night Train

  1. Your pictures are out of order. It should start with the consumption of adult beverages. Then of course when you almost miss the boat— blame the Transportation Executive. Who would ever have dreamed of checking the tickets upon purchase. You do of course realize all European times are in Celsius ! Nice recovery!

    • Scarlet has already announced that she prefers the European system of measurement. She’s trying to figure out how to get the US on board.

      • 24 hour time is Ok; the US military already uses it; the metric system however is unAmeican and unacceptable for Christian Anglo-Saxons ! We’ll get this squared away in May!

  2. What’s with the bushy face? The pioneers slept in small quarters, I believe. Lots of space is over-rated. Great to see the happy faces.

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