14E. Venetian Canyons


Verona Point bridge view

During our time in California we had a day hike in the Painted Canyon. It was beautiful and very picturesque with the winding high cliffs. Venice is exactly the same but with buildings for the canyon walls and the floor of the canyon can be a canal or paved walkway – all extremely narrow. Every now and then the terrain is punctuated by some gothic style theater or church. 20140220-204819.jpg For $1.99 we downloaded 3 walks through Venice and it was money well spent. We covered a good portion of the island and got information about its history, culture, buildings and everything else Venetian. It was a drizzly day but we are used to that by now and do not let weather deter us from our tourist responsibilities. 20140220-204849.jpg There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how to get around the island. The Grand Canal winds through it and only has four bridges. It doesn’t matter if you can see to the other side, you have to find a bridge. There are no streets only alleys. They may call them streets (I should know the Italian word for ‘street’) but everywhere else it is called an alley. A person can stand in the middle of 95% of the ‘streets’ and touch the buildings on either side just by stretching out their hands. 20140220-204903.jpg Despite the various architectural styles of Venice, it is still difficult for me to identify any of them unless it is “modern”, that one is easy. I can’t wait until we visit some of the building interiors, they are considered Rococo. However, the best description I’ve found that encompasses everything is “elegant decay”. Everything here shows age but in a poetic manner, that is probably the charm of the city. The materials are chipped, buildings lean and everything has an oceanic patina. 20140220-204918.jpg Below is a pictue of our street/canal. It is located in the section known as Cannaregio or the Jewish Ghetto in the upper left side of the island. It is a more residential area and a nice place to wind down at the end of the day. we are able to get everywhere by walking, although a water taxi would be fun, it is unnecessary. Although we may have to try it for the novelty of it. Our apartment is in the gray building to the right of the pink building. Beyond the end of our row is the Adriatic Sea. 20140220-204946.jpg

5 responses to “14E. Venetian Canyons

  1. I’ve always heard the best way to see Venice is “just let yourself get lost”; it is all scenic. Sure hope the Transportation Executive has the right time for your planned train ride to Kiev. Should be an “historic week” with lots of “action” for Arden! . Your blogs are the best!

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