16E. Museum Island


If you and your loved one think this is a good idea please buy your tickets now as there is very little room left

Every time you turn a corner in this city there is something interesting to see. The buildings, canals and the peole are such a curious blend, there really isn’t another city to compare. The bridge across from the Accademia is just about covered with locks from couples from all over the world. the Friend family took approximately 326 pictures of it.


It was another rainy day but we were not deterred – our Museum and church pass are good regardless of the weather. Even with the weather it was very crowded in some areas. The people with umbrellas did not help matters. At one point I had to grab Brody’s hand and literally pull him through a group of people. His feet probably weren’t even on the ground. He thought it was the greatest thing ever.


My need for organization and logic is taking a big hit in this city. In addition to the crazy alley/canal network there are the items to be seen. Usually there are specific museums for a particular type of item or time period. Not in Venice. The art is every where – it’s as if each church has a masterpiece and if you want to see all the good stuff – there is going to be a lot of walking. The other museum are a mixed bag. The Correr and Doge Palace are essentially the same type of museum – richly decorated rooms from a time over a century ago and then all the stuff that was still in the building. possession is 100% of the law. It appeared that they had some sort of categorization of museum items at their Archeology Museum. However this museum had only one type of item and should have been more descriptively names: Broken Marble Statue Museum.


We admired six churches today. They are still interesting – each one has a characteristic that we have not seen before. An example was Santa Maria del Giglio was their claim to fame was possession of a Rubens (picture above), the only one on the island. Rubens is true to form as Mary is wearing an ill-fitting top. This same church had an interesting was to present some of their relics. Usually relics are in a silver ornament with the piece of bone, tooth or cloth in the middle. This church had plenty of those, but if they had an arm bone? They wanted this fact to be clear and had them displayed inside a mannequin arm. Not an old time porcelain mannequin looking hand – but a mannequin arm purchased form a Sear’s surplus sale.


It is still difficult to distinguish the ‘good’ stuff from the rest even when it is pointed out that of all these paintings this is the masterpiece by Torentino, Titian or Bellini. The names are recognizable but their art doesn’t always ‘pop’ out as the best. Just when we had adjusted to all the not completely clothed people we came across a different kind of assault to the eyes. About a third of the paintings are dedicated to the suffering and crucifixion of Christ – many many many scenes of anguish but one guy took anguish and gore a step further. Half of a wall in one church was a painting with the title “Slaughter of the Innocents”. It was detailed and big. A majority of religions have a recruitment aspect, it is unclear how inviting a friend to your church with this painting would make them say, “Yeah, this religion is for me.” It would also be distracting as a worshipper with all the toddlers, stabbing and crying mothers looming above.

Looking forward to what is left to be discovered tomorrow.

3 responses to “16E. Museum Island

  1. Encouraging to hear you are filling in your deficiencies in appreciation of Roman Catholic Counter Reformation Art ! Standby for the LAST JUDGEMENT and vivid depictions of HELL in Rome. Brenna: Just remember to “fully” appreciate the art the experts tell you “it’s a lot better than it looks” you need to have a Masters in Fine Arts degree, have $200,000.00 in student loan debt and be unemployed!

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