22E. S.P.Q.R


These initials stand for the Latin phrase “Senātus Populusque Rōmānus,” meaning “The Senate and the People of Rome.”  The children were encouraged by their grandfather to keep their eyes open for this phrase as we stumbled around Rome.  And sure enough, it is all around.; sometimes it is prominently displayed as on the statue pictured, but also all over the city on various coats of arms all the way down to sewer manholes.  The phrase refers to the authority of the people and was commonly used beginning at the end of the Roman Republic ~ 80 B.C. or so.  Of course, the people’s authority went only so far during the days of the Empire.

Well, today was a rain-out, but we pushed through another historic walk until our rainproofing was compromised.  We began by taking this photo at this typical family vehicle of Europe.  This size car is just a step up from the motor scooter and are all over the place.  We have yet to see a petrol station so don’t know where they fuel up.  I wanted the family to lift it off the ground for a more effective picture, but we didn’t chance it.


Clown Car

Another stop was the Four Rivers Fountain in the center of Piazza Navona.  Built in 1650, it’s 4 corners represent the 4 continents known at the time.  Below is the Nile representative, covering his head in shame as he knows not wear the Nile originates (he’s in de-Nile).


Moving on, we hit the Pantheon.  This domed structure was built in 120 A.D. and houses the tombs of Italian Kings and Queens as well as Raphael, whose works we have admired during our trip.  The center of the dome is open and rain came pouring in during our visit.




Raphael’s Tomb

The final outdoor stop was at the Trevi Fountain, completed in 1762.  This depiction of the ocean, complete with Triton blowing his conch shell is impressive, so much so that the girls would like to go back for pictures when the weather is more cooperative.


The road home led through the local mall.  Brody broke formation when he caught a glimpse of the chocolate shop. The others deserted as well, leaving Elizabeth and me to fend for ourselves out in the hallway.  In the end, the children were all happy, which is the objective of our travels.

photo (11)

Spending our Birthday Card Money

It’s amazing to consider that the Romans were building this massive city 2000 years ago.


4 responses to “22E. S.P.Q.R

  1. I was in Rome with students this time of year a few years ago — it was rainy then as well, but still a great trip! My favorite gelato place was just a few blocks north (?) of the Pantheon. (I think it is one of the places “your friend” Rick mentions in his Rome guide.) It was larger than the other shops in the area and had a huge selection. Also, the Capuchin Crypt has some art that might be more interesting to Brody. That, or it will keep him up at night…

    I’m headed to a lot of the places you’re visiting later this summer, so I’m loving the blog and taking notes on best-of sites!

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