24E. Equal Opportunity



All the half-dressed ladies in paintings are balanced out by the 30 foot high statues of men in Rome. If the guys just didn’t want to wear anything then I guess that explains why the ladies didn’t care if their tops were ill-fitting. But more importantly, for our last day in Rome the weather was beautiful! We attended worship at St Andrews Church of Scotland all delivered in English! Hurray! The minister really was from Scotland so we still really had to pay attention to understand his message. Brody attended their Sunday school class and was afeared that he wouldn’t understand them – turns out that he was a star pupil. The children each had to read a portion of the lesson – in English. Guess who was the only class member whose first language is English? Brody read like a champ.











Rome is just full of old ruin digs. The Forum is the grand-daddy of them all but it’s still fun to look down and try to envision what once was. The dig below doubles as a cat sanctuary. You read that right – stray cats all over. There are signs though that explain that the cats are all fixed before released to the ruins. Gatti = cat in Italian.




We spent the afternoon and evening strolling everywhere. We walked up Michelangelo’s Grand Staircase and on the terraces of Capiline Hill we were rewarded with a grand view of Rome at sunset. We climbed higher atop the Victor Emmanuel Monument for more photos. Brody said the view of everything was his favorite part of the trip – an the Colosseum. Below was more Carnival related street party on the Piazza Venezia. So many people gathered downtown on a Sunday night.



This photo of the girls is taken on the main drag to the Colosseum. This is a main thoroughfare and it was just closed. We walked down the main north south street in Rome just to see what could be seen. Sometimes there was a fool car trying to drive through the people – they must be tourists. Tons of people and street performers all over the place. The chidren’s favorite are the artist who use just spray paint to make a picture. It is amazing what they can so so quickly. About half the artists wear gas masks to avoid the fumes. Good to know though, that if you are a huffer, you are only a few art classes away from the perfect job.



2 responses to “24E. Equal Opportunity

  1. Congrats, Brody , nice recovery at Saint Andrews after your recent brush with Roman Catholicism.

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