25E. Discretionary Funds


Through the generosity of their grandfather, who was really full of the Christmas Spirit, the children have their own fun money for Europe. Brody  spends all of his on gelato and candy. Now before you start with the “tsk, tsk, he could be buying useles souvenirs and memorable knick knacks” this has actually turned into a learning opportunity. On his own he has apportioned the funds for each stop. We still don’t have the whole trip mapped out and Brody is not pleased that his model has uncertainty (welcome to my world son!). Once he knows how much per city he really studies every Gelato place to figure where he can get the best deal. The variables he finds important are the price, portion size, selection and if you can get more than one flavor without being charged extra. We stop by a lot of Gelato places for his data collection.

Today we arrived in Florence and had some time to explore the town. Brody immediately fell in love with Florence when he stumbled upon a Gelato place that charges ONE Euro for a cone and you could get TWO flavors. All the wonderfulness of Gelato just quadrupled for him – we have never found a place that charged less than TWO Euros. I suspect that Brody will start asking if there are cities without Gelato so he can use those funds to the Florence Gelato portion.


Our apartment is next to the San Lorenzo Market – the entire street is covered with these tarp stalls selling everything. I’m sure they will attract some of the girls discretionary funds. Every time we step out our door we have to walk the gauntlet. There is so much leather here yet we did not pass one cow on the train ride here. I’m going to have to figure this one out.


Tomorrow we are going to check out the inside of this behemoth. It’s technically called the Duomo, but it should be called the preppy palace. The sun is not hitting it properly or you would immediately get the connection as it is all in pink and green marble. I will get such a better picture soon. Our landlord, Veronique sat with us for a good 30 minutes detailing every site and restaurant that we must see during our stay. I wish every apartment came with a Veronique.

We have not had any problems with safety during our travels. Even at night we have walked around with out a care. The girls have gone out on their own at times and just wandered. In our current apartment we can feel even more secure thanks to the the 5-bolt lock, a chain and something that digs into the floor. Not to mention the locked gate one must get through to even enter the apartment complex. Kids love this apartment – it’s the largest one yet with three bedrooms. Brenna and Brody still have to share a bed – but at least it isn’t a pull out couch in the living room that has to be put away first thing in the morning.


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