28E. Field of Miracles



We waited until the weather app said “No Rain” because if you are going to Pisa, you want to take pictures. We could not have picked a better day – white fluffy clouds and great temperatures. When you walk a lot you don’t want it to be very hot. Pisa was only about an 75 minute train ride away.



The kids spent way too much time getting the iconic holding up the tower photos. I don’t know how people did it before iPhones. There are about 10 photos taken for every good one. Brent started taking photos of people and their clever poses. His Flikr link is on the right hand side of this blog.



Even if the tower wasn’t leaning this place would still be a hit. The entire religious complex is built around a lawn of green called the Field of Miracles. The leaning tower is just the bell tower, there is also a beautiful Duomo, Baptistry and Cemetery. The Baptistry is stunning and it leans too! But not enough to be as popular as the Tower.



The inside of the Duomo is as fantastic as the outside. We spent quite a bit of time gawking at the mosaics, carvings and art. 20140306-181011.jpg


The nearby museum had a 20 minute film in English (for free) on the history of the tower and the things that have been done to keep it from falling over. It has been quite  chore but they seem to have found something that finally worked. Basically they removed soil from the side that was not leaning so it would start to sink the other direction – it worked!


3 responses to “28E. Field of Miracles

  1. Got your postcard from Budapest today. Gorgeous.even the stamp was interesting. Am looking forward to your return and all the tales you will have to tell us. Love you all, farmor

  2. Just enjoyed that guest blog on another network. Arden: As for the performance of the over scheduling officer: I understand—“its for your own good”— at least that’s what her mother tells me! You are in a target rich environment in Italy and there is so much to see; there probably will be more time to concentrate on your school work and studying in Spain!

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