29E. The Scheduler


Yesterday Brenna had a guest blogger – Arden. If you have not read it click here for her take on our day in Pisa. There are two observations about her post, 1) She has greatly increased her creative writing skills since the time she was asked to guest write for the family blog, read about it here. 2) Her list of travel don’ts includes not bringing a scheduler along, aka her mother.

Being the scheduler in this family is like a catch-22. The opposing forces are:

  • No one in the family really cares what we do
  • No one in the family likes being told what to do

There are many things we can control on this trip – budget, food, travel mode, location. What we cannot control is time. Our time in any one place is limited. Things we want to see often have limited hours. There has to be some effort to make a plan in each city for each day. I am 100% confident if this was not addressed the family would idly spend the day doing very little and maybe at 3PM someone might say, “Are we doing anything today?”

Mom and dad can get exasperated – planning is not always easy there are a number of factors to consider. What do we want to do? How should we get there? What else is near? Will we need to eat? Is the cost reasonable? When is it open? Should we know something about this before we go? Does Rick Steves have a guided tour/walk? Is there a ticket bundle with other sites? Is there a best day to go? For pictures – what type of sun is best? Is the weather going to be a factor?

It would be nice to think other wise – but some of these places we will never visit again. I don’t want us to miss anything. So we make plans.

Today’s plan was low key. Each stop usually has a down day – often it coincides with rain (or oversleeping). It gives parents a break from marching all over demanding appreciation of experiences from the children. The kids can study, we get laundry done and we can plan future city logistics.

After our morning in, we spent the afternoon just wandering. The girls and mom visited a fancy perfume shop – we thought it would be a bit more museum-like or give us some behind the scenes on how they manufacture stuff. Nope, just a fancy perfume shop but the Santa Maria Novella Perfuma’s Angels of Florence scent is quite nice (hint hint Brent, future Christmas idea).

We walked the streets and window shopped and stopped in a few. Popping into every Gelato shop to check out their exotic flavors are about half our store stops. The girls also LOVE watching street artists. When there is no schedule they can stand watching slack-jawed for hours.

Brent and Brody did their own man-walk. They hiked to the Firenze Forte and found it wasn’t open to the public. It looks very impressive on maps but it explains why there was no tourist information about fort tours.

Tomorrow we have big plans, three will be lots of walking, picture taking, appreciating, lunch out on the town and Brody has taken it upon himself to identify and locate what the internet has christened the “number one best gelato establishment in Florence” We will let you know how it ranks with the Friend family.

And Brody has blogged about his day in Pisa, click here.


2 responses to “29E. The Scheduler

  1. Ahh, the loneliness of command, but in 25 years they will thank you or is it 50 years? And then there is necessity of consoling your eldest after her devastating financial setback. Time to rally the troops and continue the march. We marvel at your spirit of adventure and expression of freedom in an increasingly subservient world.

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