30E. The Important Town-people



The government of Florence decided that the Santa Croce Church would be the church where all the important people of the town would be buried. The floor of the church is a giant patchwork of tomb markers. Many have been walked on so much they are no longer legible, some even had sculptured items on them which have been worn down over the years. Really important people are entombed in a private chapel or along the wall. You may recognize some of them…





Gallileo – except for 3 fingers in a tooth – they are across town in a jar




Da Vinci

Compared to Michelangelo, Da Vinci really got the short end of the stick. You would never know what a great artist he was by the looks of this plaque – there may not even be a body around. Michelangelo has painting and sculpture around his. In fact the thing to do in this church is have a tomb and then a scultpure of a lady looking sad – a couple of guys had three ladies looking sad (like Gallileo).  Another name of note was Enrico Fermi – the father of nuclear physics who died in 1954. It was startling to see someone who didn’t die all that long ago.

At one time the church had a lot of great art – they still do. In 1966 there was a great flood and all the works housed in their adjacent museum were affected. They are still working on the restoration of the pieces.



We hiked across the River for a spectacular view of the city from Piazza Michelangelo – home of another fake David. In Rome, the view of the city was a favorite of Brody. I asked him if he liked Florence as much. He said, “No, the sun isn’t setting” Awe, he’s a little romantic! We attempted to see a couple of churches but the scheduler didn’t check the times and they were closed for the early part of the afternoon and we were not interested in hanging out for a couple of hours waiting for them to open.

Florence has been another great city. One of the things we are going to miss is their english video channel. Brent and I have a TV in our room and have been addicted to this station – we watch it like a train wreck. I think the Florentine government purchased the rights to all videos made in teh 70’s and early 80s. They are amazing. Since my parents refused to get cable when I was younger, I did not ahve MTV and Friday night videos only showed a portion of what was available. Most of these videos are new to me and I am fascinated. If it isn’t some schlocky video then it is a tape of the artist performing their song on the show Solid Gold. I have seen videos for and heard on the streets more ABBA songs this week than I have my entire life. This is not an exaggeration – it is all ABBA every day in the city of Florence. If that is what it is like here then Sweden must be out of control.


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