31E. Sleeps Six with Wi-Fi

Budapest family room

Budapest family room

These are the most important filter items when searching for a place to stay. Everyone must have a bed and with out wi-fi – how could we keep up the blog? Actually, the wi-fi is for schooling, the fact that Brody can play games and mom and check facebook are just bonus.

Kids bedroom in Vienna

Kids bedroom in Vienna

When a place says that it sleeps 6, it does, but we never know exactly what we are going to get. We have been in 6 apartments now and in 5 of the six sleeping arrangements included a pull out couch. Our apartment in Florence was the first time we had 3 bedrooms and no pull-outs. The time in the RV accustomed the kids to going to be at the same time and getting up because your bed needed to become the family room. The children have almost given up ever having their own beds again. Someone is always sharing.


Kitchen in Venice


Mom and Dad are not immune to the the different permutations. Usually we pull rank and take the master bedroom or the only bedroom. An exception was in Vienna, we took the living room pullout out couch and the children slept in the 1 bedroom dorm room style. It usually ends up with Arden and Scarlet sharing a bed and Brenna and Brody sharing. What 19 year old doesn’t want to share a bed with their 9 year old bother?

Bathroom with bidet in Rome. There is always a bidet!

Bathroom with bidet in Rome. There is always a bidet!

We arrived in Nice today and it is Brody’s lucky break. The entry way has a little loft with a mattress – no one except Brody can fit. He is up high and has a small space for his back pack – he hasn’t had a space of his own for quite awhile. The girls get to fight among themselves between a pull out couch and a day bed in the foyer. Who knew a loft could be such luxury. And please don’t be fooled by my characterization of the entry way as a “foyer” it really is “the small space where the door opens.

Master bedroom in Florence

Master bedroom in Florence

The kids never complain about the sleeping arrangements. This must be attributable to the fact that they spent 5 months in an RV and every place we have been, no matter how small, is still bigger than the RV. In our Europe travels, everyone has a bed and pillow to lay their head, there is a chair at a table to eat and there is wi-fi. There three items make every place a home.


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