42E. CosmoCaixa


The CosmoCaixia is not in any Rick Steves tourbook. To think we almost missed it. Our tourist plans come from a number of sources. The cities we visit are based on quick train travel, low-cost housing, and anything that seems interesting to name a few. Once we are in a place we look to our good friend Rick Steves but also Travel Adviser website. Travel Advisor is a group source site where users rate sites by city and give reviews. The CosmoCaixa was a top 10 attraction in Barcelona according to Travel Advisor users – of course we had to go.


Cosmo must mean science and Caixus means the big bank who donates money. It is considered one of the best science museums in Europe. This facility was huge and included a rainforest with huge fish and rodents (cupybara!) The exhibits spanned physics, biology, anthropology, geology, biology ang many other -gys I can’t remember. Nearly every exhibit included a hands on aspect – the children loved it. Brody said he would rather spend 100 days in this science museum than any art museum. Everything also had an English translation so there was no attempt at deciphering what each display was trying to convey.


From Brody to Brenna, everyone found something that captured their interest. Since Brody can’t keep his hands off anything – he loved the fact he could touch EVERYTHING. Scarlet liked the section on magnets and the different effects magnets can have on items. Arden, like Brody, enjoyed anything that had buttons to push. Brenna liked the optics and the fluids  – especially since she is studying these things in school. Mom and Dad liked that there was something for everyone.


Although this was not necessarily a “Barcelona” venue there was a good exhibit on the creation of the Mediterranean Sea. So this satisfied the cultural aspect of the day.



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