43E. Barcino


Our final day in Barcelona (aka Barcino in olden times) and there are still so many things we did not get to do. There are some nearby town which would have been great day tips – they will be our excuse to return in the future. And to see the completed Sagrada Familia.


Part of the Mritime Museum entrance fee was a tour of a historic schooner in the harbor. Cant say we learned much as the infomation pacards were in Spanish and Catalan. It’s still fun to crawl all over an old ship and the rigging always makes for a cool picture.


After the schooner the boys did their thing and the girls did their thing. For the ladies this meant walking the streets, popping into interesting shops and staring at sweets. There are plenty of street performers to distract us. It’s not clear if all street performers need a permit but according to Rick Steves there is an audition process before permits are issued. Makes it all a little more legit. The girls like going in clothing stores and trying on outfits that we cannot buy – no one wants the extra weight in their backpack. They take pictures of themselves adn then wistfully review back in teh comfort of the apartment. We have no problem buying treats when we can’t stand just looking any longer. We don’t know what we bought today but it had chocolate on it which we managed to get all over our hands and faces. Scarlet cleaned herself up before I could get a photo – it truly is amazing at how much chocolate she managed to get all over her face.


The boys walked all the way up to see Mujuic Castle. They were thrilled to see cannons and walk the ramparts. They got a birds-eye view of Barcelona and added to our collection of city panaroma photos. For all his walking Brody was rewarded with time to play in a park. Keeping the Friend tradition they stopped in a pastry shop and bought something with chocolate.


Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Barcelona and hello to our cousins in Madrid. Hopefully we are still the same people and will not be deemed feral since we haven’t really associated with anyone outside our small family in about 6 weeks. There will be much adventure as we are renting a car and will attempt to navigate a foreign highway system.


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