44E. Global Agricultural Connections


Ana and Arden

My friends, some days I don’t even know where to start. The day is so eventful that everything deserves top billing. Usually travel days are boring with lots of train riding and anxiety over connections and the legitimacy of lodging arrangements. There was some of that today but the top billing item is…Friend family representation in Spain has been increased 66%.


Brian & Kenda – serious itinerary planning

Brian, Kenda, Klaine and Kaden have joined us in Madrid for their Spring Break. There has been so much noise laughter and hugs I already mourn every minute that passes by, this week is going to go by so quickly.


Scarlet & Klaine

Arden lives her cousins but has been waiting for Madrid. We are in the hometown of a friend of hers, Ana. Ana and Arden met at Camp Tecumseh! We had so many Tecumseh connections during our RVing through the US it is fun to find friends in Europe too.


Juan and Kenda

Ana visited all evening with Arden and during the pleasantries with her parents the connections exploded. Kenda and Ana’s father, Juan, discovered they had numerous industry connections. The Global Agriculture community doesn’t need 6 degrees of separation- they have Kenda and Juan. Every name that was mentioned someone responded, “I LOVE that person!”


More Arden and Ana

We are not even 24 hours into our time together and everything is spectacular!


2 responses to “44E. Global Agricultural Connections

  1. Good to see B&K and kids made it! I have several photos of them sitting at various tables going over things…shall we make guac now or after a drink? Enjoy!

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