46E. Holy Toledo

This phrase does not refer to Toledo Ohio it’s about Toledo, Spain, the city we visited today. Can you believe the opulence of this alter piece? Jesus, at the top is 9 feet tall! This is in the cathedral in the center of Toledo the Holy center of Spain. How over board did they go with opulence? The following picture is the, ummm, tray for the ‘host’ or the bread when they serve communion during a particular festival. They parade it through the tiny windy illogical streets of Toledo before they partake. All 10 feet tall of it.

Full disclosure, we made up a whole batch of Sangria Madrid style and drank it before starting this blog. It’s really contributed to the awesomeness of my blogging abilities.

Back to Toledo, where we went today. Thank heaven above for the GPS the rental car or we would still be trying to find Toledo. We worked the Cathedral taking advantage of their free… Oh dear, we just broke a glass…there goes our deposit. Anyway we took the audio tour and the Rick Steve’s tour. Here’s what you need to know about this Carhedral. It has a ridiculously well decorated hole in the roof. And when a cardinal dies he gets to pick his burial spot and hang his hat from the ceiling until it rots away. Those hat makers used awesomely durable materials.

Sometimes Brian opens his mouth like Brent.

We tried a couple of other touristy things but they were closed because of siesta. Siesta is the Spanish afternoon nap. Hey, Spain, you can help dig yourself out of debt by curtailing siesta by an hour so tourists can give you their money. It’s not going to solve your problems but it will help.

We visited a monastery, a museum dedicated to the works of Macha and the Santa Cruz museum. Macha had some interesting sculptures of his mother and some artistic things involving his wife which are not appropriate for this blog.

The big deal in Toledo is the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the death of their hometown boy artist, El Greco. They are all about his enlongated people pictures.

We also found an American store and this is what they think we are all about: Duncan Hines cake, jiffy mix, A1 sause and saltine crackers. America, I’m surprised they didn’t offer any red solo cups.

And Toledo Ohio, it was a nice of you to give a gift to the Toledo Cathedral. But your crappy piece of plastic is an embarrassment compared to the other things in the treasury. Like that 10 foot gold plated bread plate. A mudhens baseball cap signed by Maxwell Klinger would have been much better.


5 responses to “46E. Holy Toledo

  1. Ok you went to Toledo but did you go to the place where they make the fine steel for swords and armor, you know “Toledo Steel”? How is Brody going to explain to his classmates that he missed the Sword Factories and didn’t bring back a double edged broad sword or at least a lighter weight dress officers sword?

    • This closing during siesta put a damper on our visit to the knife making studio – we did peek in the window. Kenda purchased a pretty wicked letter opener as a memento.

  2. Toledo (OHIO) is the home of JEEP and Owens Corning…and Tony Packo’s…so much better gifts to give…

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