47E. Hail Purdue


Six Purdue graduates and undergraduates toured more of Madrid today. We were so lucky to have a private tour guide, Brett, to show us around Ritero Park. Brett is a friend of Brenna’s from Purdue who is studying in Madrid for the semester. Although they are both Purdue Music Organization members – they did not serenade us at any time during the day or even try to make money performing for tourists.


In the park we explored the Crystal Palace and a free modern art museum. The modern art museum failed to sway my opinion that some modern art is not that great. Now if one of my kids did a big fun piece to put in my house – that is one thing. But I would not pay money for many of the pieces we have seen. I will give some artists points though for creativity in naming their pieces.


The Naval Museum in Madrid is not well known but our group really liked it. This was the first time there was not a member of our group sulking their way along the cultural experience. The museum had the entire history of the Spanish navy. There were so many interesting models of historic ships, A lot of battle art and lots of weapons. I would not go out of my way to see a weapons museum I will say that I do have a level of appreciation for weaponry that was designed for business.


A piece that has meaning to more than just Spain is the oldest know map of the newly discovered Americas. It is hypothesized that this is what Columbus brought back with him to present his findings to the King and Queen of Spain.


There were over 20 rooms for our group to enjoy. They did not have any English information which is too bad. In a way it is good becaseu if they had, it would have extended our stay and someone would have entered their sulking phase.


We headed back home in the nick of time as it started to rain. In addition to the rain putting a damper on our day we found a ticket on our car. Evidently no signage does not mean it is OK to park. And the green lines outlining the spaces must indicate the necessity for a certain permit level or hour limit. We don’t really know – we can’t read the ticket. Luckily the rental car company will take care of it for us for a small “handling” fee. Our budget includes the “stupid tax” line item for things like this as well.


Our day ended with a Kipp family Lenten tradition of Hot Cross Buns. The lack of cookie sheets in Europe did not deter the creation of this goodie. Thanks to Briand and Kenda for bringing over the essential items: currants, yeast, cinnamon and nutmeg; there is enough that we may get another batch in before our time together ends. And thanks to my mother for providing the recipe. Europe also lacks measuring items so it’s fun eyeballing everything. As long as the sugar is not skimped on, everyone is happy.


2 responses to “47E. Hail Purdue

  1. Wonder if Madrid will be able to recover from the intellectual vortex of eleven Purdue grads/undergrads/aspirants. Did you catch the painting of the battleship INDIANA and the rest of the US Fleet trying to overtake the Spanish ships during the Battle of Santiago Bay ? Probably the centerpiece of their Spanish-American War collection!

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