51E. Play Date

We didn’t do anything today. At least nothing that is of note compared to every day we have had in Europe. We really needed the day to do 3 things: planning, coursework and taxes. The universe agreed with our decision to stay indoors by the fire by making it rain all day.
For the afternoon Ana and Sam came over to play. Brody was so happy to have a friend as he is still very down that his cousin Kaden is gone. Sam showed us how to change the language on the TV for shows that are dubbed. That would have been a nice trick to know a week ago. The boys are looking forward to seeing each other at Camp in July and hope they can be in the same cabin.
Brody gets a lot of credit for helping use our remaining food. He vetoed my idea to make potato salad. Brody thought French fries, using our remaining oil, was a better idea. We agreed, Brent sliced them and Brody fried them up- delicious! Next Brody made smoothies from fruit, yogurt and juice.
Dinner for the group was frozen pizza, soda and Hot Cross Buns -lugging around flour and powdered sugar does not seem like a good idea.
We accomplished all our tasks and learned there is a tax credit if you Homeschool- Brody is really helping us out today.
Tomorrow is an early morning- made even earlier by clocks moving forward.

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